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Play in the world of Buddy Land by creating your own Monsters & Racers. Learn how by reading the book "The Little Designer". Dream Factory creates educational materials to teach kids 3D design. 

The Kickstarted book "The Little Designer" by Nestor Llanos was very successful and well received. We were able to reach our stretch goal, and will be distributing books to schools! 

Take a look at the Buddy Land collection, where we have tons of customizable 3D part files you can print at home. 

More cool things are on their way for Dream Factory. Keep your eyes open for X Derby racers, these are cars you can customize 3D print and race on a pinewood derby track. We will also have Customy motorcycles.

Buddy Land Collection

Buddy Land Collection

Design your own city! We have tons of free 3D models you can customize and print at home.

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